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Footprint Calculator was developed as a tool to minimize & estimate an Individual’s or Camp’s environmental impact to a visit on and off playa. Environmental Engineers & Scientists! Please help develop & improve the online estimator which currently uses EPA emission factors for auto, air, bus travel to playa, estimates from diesel generators & camp logistics at

Off-Playa Sustainability – Burner resource network listing to highlight projects off playa on environmental restoration, new technology, low impact farming

MOOP & the heros of Resto. We really need to talk about glitter, feathers, and to respect the physically & emotionally draining impact on our friends who clean up after our party.

Green yet Mutant Vehicles – Show off your green art cars! Discussions of lead acid & lithium-iron-phosphate battery systems, fuel containment methods, transport to playa, use off playa

Crusty Bike Love – Maintain your two wheel ECO-rocket….the bicycle! Playa bike maintenance tips

Fuel yer Burn – Diesel vs Sunshine - AEZ has tons of resources!

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Green Yer Burn

Submit your tips for minimizing playa MOOP and minimizing your environmental footprint on playa and off

Bikes on Playa

Hey wanna ride bikes and make out?

Bikes on Playa are the best - but not as MOOP! Playa bike donations & Yellow Bike Share

Power on Playa

Diesel generators are noisy & dirty but provide big power parties

Solar panels & battery banks are quiet yet playa maintenance dependent

Green Mutant Vehicles

Tips to green your mutant vehicle. Battery storage systems, solar panels, biodiesel

Clean Tech on playa

Burners are techies. Inventors, Creatives, Engineers, Makers.

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